TIMELY-ATLAS (Marvel Group) Собрание комиксов - 272 серии, 2462 комикса 

TIMELY-ATLAS (Marvel Group) Собрание комиксов - 272 серии, 2462 комикса
Год выпуска: 1940
Автор: Martin Goodman
Жанр: war\horror\teen\adventure\western\family
Издательство: TIMELY-ATLAS
Формат: CBR
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Описание: Наиболее полная в сети коллекция самых крупных издательств Америки времен т.н. Золотого века
Timely Comics is the 1940s comic book publishing company that would evolve into first Atlas Comics, and then Marvel Comics. During this era, called the Golden Age of comic books, "Timely" was the umbrella name for the comics division of pulp magazine publisher Martin Goodman, whose business strategy involved having a multitude of corporate entities (including Red Circle Comics) all producing the same product. The company was founded in 1939 as Timely Publications,[1] based at his existing company in the McGraw-Hill Building at 330 West 42nd Street in New York City. In 1942, it moved to the 14th floor of the Empire State Building, where it remained until 1951.[2]
In 1939, with the emerging medium of comic books proving hugely popular, and the first superheroes setting the trend, pulp-magazine publisher Martin Goodman founded Timely Publications, basing it at his existing company. Goodman — whose official titles were editor, managing editor, and business manager, with Abraham Goodman officially listed as publisher[1] — contracted with the newly formed comic-book "packager" Funnies, Inc. to supply material.
His first effort, Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), featured the first appearances of writer-artist Carl Burgos' android superhero, the Human Torch, and Paul Gustavson's costumed detective The Angel. As well, it contained the first generally available appearance of Bill Everett's mutant anti-hero Namor the Sub-Mariner, created for the unpublished movie-theater giveaway comic Motion Picture Funnies Weekly earlier that year, with the eight-page original story now expanded by four pages.
Also included were Al Anders' Western hero the Masked Raider; the jungle lord Ka-Zar the Great,[3] with Ben Thompson adapting the story "King of Fang and Claw" by Bob Byrd in Goodman's eponymous pulp magazine Ka-Zar #1 (Oct. 1936);[4] the non-continuing-character story "Jungle Terror", featuring adventurer Ken Masters, drawn and possibly written by Art Pinajian under the quirky pseudonym "Tohm Dixon" or "Tomm Dixon" (with the published signature smudged); "Now I'll Tell One", five single-panel, black-and-white gag cartoons by Fred Schwab, on the inside front cover; and a two-page prose story by Ray Gill, "Burning Rubber", about auto racing. A painted cover by veteran science-fiction pulp artist Frank R. Paul featured the Human Torch, looking much different than in the interior story.[5][6]
That initial comic, cover-dated October 1939, quickly sold out 80,000 copies, prompting Goodman to produce a second printing, cover-dated November 1939. The latter is identical except for a black bar over the October date in the inside-front-cover indicia, and the November date added at the end.[5] That sold approximately 800,000 copies.[7] With a hit on his hands, Goodman began assembling an in-house staff, hiring Funnies, Inc. writer-artist Joe Simon as editor. Simon brought along his collaborator, artist Jack Kirby, followed by artist Syd Shores.[8]
Future Comic Book Hall of Fame artist Gene Colan, a Marvel mainstay from 1946 on, recalled that, "The atmosphere at Timely was very good, very funny. ... [I worked in] a big art room and there were about 20 artists in there, all stacked up. Syd [Shores] was in the last row on my side, and there was another row on the other side. Dan DeCarlo was there, several other people — Vince Alascia was an inker; Rudy LaPick sat right behind me," with Mike Sekowsky "in another room".[11]
Yet after the wartime boom years — when superheroes had been new and inspirational, and comics provided cheap entertainment for millions of children, soldiers and others — the post-war era found superheroes falling out of fashion. Television and mass market paperback books now also competed for readers and leisure time. Goodman began turning to a wider variety of genres than ever, emphasizing horror, Westerns, teen humor, crime and war comics, and introducing female heroes to try to attract girls and young women to read comics.
In 1946, for instance, the superhero title All Select Comics was changed to Blonde Phantom Comics, and now starred a masked secretary who fought crime in an evening gown. That same year, Kid Komics eliminated its stars and became Kid Movie Comics. All Winners Comics became All Teen Comics in January 1947. Timely eliminated virtually all its staff positions in 1948.
The precise end-point of the Golden Age of comics is vague, but for Timely, at least, it appears to have ended with the cancellation of Captain America Comics at issue #75 (Feb. 1950) — by which time the series had already been Captain America's Weird Tales for two issues, with the finale featuring merely anthological horror/suspense tales and no superheroes. The company's flagship title, Marvel Mystery Comics, starring the Human Torch, had already ended its run (with #92, June 1949), as had Sub-Mariner Comics (with #32, the same month). Goodman began using the globe logo of Atlas, the newsstand-distribution company he owned, on comics cover-dated Nov. 1951.
Atlas Comics is the 1950s comic book publishing company that would evolve into Marvel Comics. Magazine and paperback-novel publisher Martin Goodman, whose business strategy involved having a multitude of corporate entities, used Atlas as the umbrella name for his comic-book division during this time. Atlas was located on the 14th floor of the Empire State Building.
This company is distinct from the 1970s comic-book company, also founded by Goodman, that is generally known as Atlas/Seaboard Comics.
Atlas grew out of Timely Comics, the company Goodman founded in 1939 and whose star characters during the 1930s and '40s Golden Age of comic books were the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, and Captain America. The post-war era, however, found superheroes falling out of fashion. Television and paperback books now also competed for readers and leisure time.
Sierra ROCKSSS Golden Age is vague, but for Timely, at least, historians point to the cancellation of Captain America Comics at issue #75 (Feb. 1950) — by which time the series had already been Captain America's Weird Tales for two issues, with the finale featuring merely anthological suspense stories and no superheroes. The company's flagship title, Marvel Mystery Comics, starring the Human Torch, had already ended its run (with #92, June 1949), as had Sub-Mariner Comics (with #32, the same month). Goodman's comic-book line dropped superheroes and expanded into a wider variety of genres than even Timely had published, emphasizing horror, Westerns, humor, funny-animal, men's adventure-drama, crime, and war comics, later adding a helping of jungle books, romance titles, and even espionage, medieval adventure, Bible stories and sports. As did other publishers, Atlas also courted female readers[citation needed] with mostly humorous comics about models and career women.
Goodman began using the globe logo of Atlas (see above), the newsstand-distribution company he owned, on comics cover-dated November 1951. This united a line put out by the same publisher, staff and freelancers through 59 shell companies, from Animirth Comics to Zenith Publications.
Atlas would attempt to revive superheroes in Young Men #24-28 (Dec. 1953 - June 1954), with the Human Torch (art by Syd Shores and Dick Ayers, variously), the Sub-Mariner (drawn and most stories written by Bill Everett), and Captain America (writer Stan Lee, artist John Romita Sr.). Yet they featured the same sort of Communist Red Scare villains as the late-'40s comics, broke no new ground, and looked old-fashioned[neutrality disputed] — particularly in comparison with the clean, uncluttered, streamlined reimagining of super-speedster The Flash two years later in DC Comics' Showcase #4 (Sept. 1956), which would successfully bring back superheroes and kick off the Silver Age of comics.
Библиография: всего вышло 4497 комиксов -минус Marvel Golden Age (134)=4363
Timely | 550
Atlas | 1521
Marvel | 134
Total: | 2205 (-Marvel=2071)
в эту раздачу не вошли комиксы Marvel Golden Age
но при подсчетах составители чеклиста не учитывали неполные номера - с отс. страницами,
тут они все есть, итого имеем 2462 комикса
+ в раздачу вошли чеклисты с 03.2008 по 10.2009
обложки: http://www.timely-atlas.comics.org/

скрытый текст

Все сканы в JPEG, стандартный размер 1200*1800 пикселей, те, у которых в имени файла есть пометка F - с микропленки, качество ужасное, но другого нет, файлы с пометкой R - неполные, могут отсутствовать некоторые истории
2-Gun Western (Atlas)\
3-D Action (Atlas)\
3-D Tales of the West (Atlas)\
Actual Confessions (Atlas)\
Adventure Into Mystery (Atlas)\
Adventures Into Terror (Atlas)\
Adventures Into Weird Worlds (Atlas)\
Adventures of Homer Ghost (Atlas)\
Adventures of Pinky Lee (Atlas)\
All Select (Timely-Atlas\
All Surprise Comics (Atlas)\
All True Crime (Atlas)\
All Western Winners (Timely)\
All Winners (Timely Atlas)\
All-True Crime (Timely)\
All-True Crime Cases (Timely)\
Amazing Adult Fantasy (Atlas)\
Amazing Comics (Timely)\
Amazing Detective Cases (Atlas)\
Annie Oakley(Timely-Atlas)\
Apache Kid (Atlas)\
Arizona Kid (Atlas)\
Astonishing (Atlas) (1951)\
Battle (Atlas)\
Battle Action (Atlas)\
Battle Brady (Atlas)\
Battle Ground (Atlas)\
Battlefield (Atlas)\
Battlefront (Atlas)\
Battleground (Atlas)\
Best Western (Timely)\
Bible Tales for Young Folk (Atlas)\
Bible Tales for Young People (Atlas)\
Billy Buckskin (Atlas)\
Bird's Eye Kids Go Shopping (Timely)\
Black Knight (Atlas)\
Black Rider (Timely-Atlas)\
Black Rider Rides Again (Atlas)\
Black Widow (Timely)\
Blackstone the Magician (Timely)\
Blaze Carson (Timely)\
Blonde Phantom (Timely)\
Brute (Atlas)\
Captain America Comics (Timely-Atlas)\
Casey Crime Photographer (Timely)\
Caught (Atlas)\
Cindy Comics (Timely)\
Combat (Atlas)\
Combat Casey (Atlas)\
Combat Kelly (Atlas)\
Combat Kelly and His Deadly Dozen\
Comic Capers (MArvel)\
Commando Adventures (Atlas)\
Complete Comics (Atlas)\
Complete Mystery (Atlas)\
Cowboy Action (Atlas)\
Cowboy Romances (Timely)\
Crazy (Atlas)\
Crime Can't Win (Atlas)\
Crime Cases v1 (Atlas)\
Crime Cases v2 (Atlas)\
Crime Exposed v2 (Atlas)\
Crime Fighters (Atlas)\
Crime Must Lose (Atlas)\
Daring Comics (Timely)\
Daring Mystery Comics (Timely)\
Date With Millie v1 (Atlas)\
Date With Millie v2 (Atlas)\
Date With Patsy (Atlas)\
Della Vision (Atlas)\
Destructor, The 1975 (Atlas)\
Devil-Dog Dugan (Atlas)\
Dexter The Demon (Atlas)\
Dippy Duck (Atlas)\
Frankie Comics (04-12) (formerly Movie Tunes Comics) (becomes Frankie and Lana)\
Fright (Atlas)\
Frontier Western (Atlas)\
G.I. Tales (Atlas)\
Gay Comics v2 (Timely)\
Georgie Comics (Timely)\
Girl Confessions (Atlas)\
Groovy (Atlas)\
Gunhawk (Atlas)\
Gunsmoke Western (Atlas)\
Hands of the Dragon (Atlas)\
Hedy De Vine Comics (Timely)\
Homer Hooper (Atlas)\
Homer the Happy Ghost (Atlas)\
Human Torch (1940)(Timely)\
Ideal - Classical comics (Timely)\
Ideal Comics (Timely)\
Incredible Hulk The Secret Story\
Iron Jaw (Atlas)\
Jane (Atlas)\
Jann Of The Jungle (Atlas)\
Joker Comics (Timely)\
Journey Into Mystery v1a (#01-82) (1952) (Atlas)\
Journey into Unknown Worlds (Atlas)\
Jungle Action (1954)(Atlas)\
Jungle Tales (Atlas)\
Junior Miss v2 (Timely)\
Justice (Timely-Atlas)\
Kent Blake of the Secret Service (Atlas)\
Kid Colt Outlaw (Timely\
Kid Komics (Timely)\
Kid Slade, Gunfighter (Atlas)\
Lawbreakers Always Lose! (Timely)\
Little Lizzie v1 (Timely)\
Little Lizzie v2 (Atlas)\
Lorna the Jungle Queen (Atlas)\
Lorna, the Jungle Girl (Atlas)\
Love Adventures (Atlas)\
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated (Timely)\
Love Romances (Timely)\
Love Secrets (Timely)\
Love Tales (Timely-Atlas)\
Love Trails (Timely)\
Lovers (Atlas)\
Man Comics (Atlas)\
Margie (Timely)\
Marines At War (Atlas)\
Marines in Action (Atlas)\
Marines In Battle (Atlas)\
Marvel Boy (Atlas)\
Marvel Comics (Atlas)\
Marvel Mystery Comics (Timely\
Marvel Mystery Comics Anniversay Special\
Marvel Tales v1 (Atlas)\
Marvin Mouse (Atlas)\
Matt Slade Gunfighter (Atlas)\
Melvin the Monster (Atlas)\
Men In Action (Atlas)\
Menace (Atlas)\
Men's Adventures (Timely-Atlas\
Millie the Model (Marvel,Atlas\
Millie the Model Queen-Size Special\
Miss America 70th Anniversary Special (Timely)\
Miss America & Blonde Phantom\
Miss America comics (Atlas)\
Miss America Magazine (Marvel-Timely)\
Miss Fury (Atlas)\
Mitzi's Boy Friend (Atlas)\
Modeling with Millie (Atlas)\
Molly Manton Romances (Atlas)\
Monkey and the Bear (Atlas)\
My Friend Irma (Atlas)\
My Love Story (Atlas)\
My Own Romance (Timely)\
Mystery Tales (Atlas)\
Mystic (Atlas)\
Mystic and Mystic Comics\
Mystic Comics v1 (Timely\
Mystic Comics v2 (Timely)\
Namora (Marvel-Atlas\
Navy Action (Atlas)\
Navy Combat (Atlas)\
Navy Tales (Atlas)\
Nellie the Nurse (Timely-Atlas)\
Night Rider (Atlas)\
Oscar Comics (Timely)\
Outlaw Fighters (Atlas)\
Outlaw Kid v1 (Atlas)(v2-see Marvel)\
Patsy & Hedy (Atlas)\
Patsy and Hedy (Atlas)-Marvel)\
Patsy and Her Pals (Atlas)\
Patsy Walker (Timely-Marvel)\
Phoenix (Atlas)\
Planet of Vampires (Atlas)\
Police Action (Atlas)\
Police Badge (Atlas)\
Powerhouse Pepper Comics (Atlas)\
Private Eye (Atlas)\
Quick-Trigger Western (Atlas)\
Rangeland Love (Timely)\
Rawhide Kid (1955-1979)(Atlas)\
Rawhide Kid King-Size Special (Atlas)\
Red Raven (Timely)\
Red Warrior (Timely)\
Reno Browne (Timely)\
Rex Hart (Timely)\
Ringo Kid v1 [1954 - 1957] (Timely)\
Riot (Atlas)\
Romances of Molly Manton (Timely)\
Romances of Nurse Helen Grant (Atlas)\
Rugged Action (Atlas)\
Sailor Sweeney (Atlas)\
Scorpion (Atlas)\
Secret Story Romances (Atlas)\
Sergeant Barney Barker (Atlas)\
Sherry The Showgirl (Atlas)\
Showgirls v2 (Atlas)\
Six-Gun Western (Atlas)\
Space Squadron (Atlas)\
Spaceman (Atlas)\
Speed Carter, Spaceman (Atlas)\
Spellbound (Atlas)\
Sports Action (Timely-Atlas)\
Spy Cases (Atlas)\
Spy Fighters (Atlas)\
Spy Thrillers (Atlas)\
Stories of Romance (Atlas)\
Strange Stories of Suspense (Atlas)\
Strange Tales of the Unusual (Atlas)\
Strange Tales v1 (Atlas)\
Strange Worlds (Atlas)\
Sub-Mariner Comics (Timely,Atlas(1941-195x)\
Sun Girl (Atlas)\
Suspense (Atlas)\
Tales of Evil (Atlas)\
Tales Of Justice (Atlas)\
Tales of Suspense v1 (Atlas)\
Tales of the Marines (Atlas)\
Tales To Astonish (Atlas)\
Targitt (Atlas)\
Teen Comics (Timely)\
Teen-Age Romance (Atlas)\
Terry-Toons Comics (Timely)\
Tessie The Typist (Timely)\
Tex Morgan (Timely)\
Tex Taylor(Timely)\
Texas Kid (Atlas)\
The Human Torch (Timely)\
The Kid from Dodge City (Atlas)\
Tigerman (Atlas)\
Timely Presents All Winners\
Tough Kid Squad (Timely)\
True Complete Mystery (Timely)\
True Secrets (Timely-Atlas)\
True Tales of Love (Atlas)\
True To Life Romances (Atlas)\
True Western (Timely)\
Two Gun Western v1 (Atlas)\
Two Gun Western v2 (Atlas)\
Two-Gun Kid (Timely)\
Uncanny Tales (Atlas)\
USA Comics (Timely)\
USA Comics-Captain America (Timely\
Venus (Atlas)\
War Action (Atlas)\
War Adventures (Atlas)\
War Combat (Atlas)\
War Comics (Atlas)\
Web of Mystery (Atlas)\
Weird Suspense (Atlas)\
Weird Tales of the Macabre (Atlas)\
Wendy Parker (Atlas)\
Western Gunfighters (Atlas)\
Western Kid (Atlas)\
Western Outlaws (Atlas)\
Western Outlaws and Sheriffs (Timely)\
Western Tales of Black Rider (Atlas)\
Western Team-Up (Atlas)\
Western Thrillers (Atlas)\
Western Trails (Atlas)\
Western Winners (Timely)\
Whip Wilson (Timely)\
Wild (Atlas)\
Wild West (Timely)\
Wild Western (Atlas)\
Willie Comics (Timely)\
Willie, the Wise-Guy (Atlas)\
Witness (Atlas)\
World of Fantasy (Atlas)\
World of Mystery (Atlas)\
World of Suspense (Atlas)\
World's Greatest Songs Illustrated (Atlas)\
Wyatt Earp(Atlas)\
Yellow Claw 01-04 (c) (1956) (Atlas)\
Young Allies (Timely-Atlas)\
Young Hearts (Timely)\
Young Men (Atlas)\
Ziggy Pig - Silly Seal Comics (Atlas)\
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