Цифровые водяные знаки 

Цифровые водяные знаки
Описание: Сборник статей по цифровым водяным знакам + немного вспомогательной литературы (криптография, цифровая обработка изображений, алгоритмы сжатия).


!Communications of the ACM - July 1998 - Vol. 41, No. 7
!Multimedia and Security Workshop at ACM Multimedia 98. Bristol
!Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications Second International Conference Proceedings
Barry - Cryptography in Home Entertainment A look at content scrambling in DVDs
Stevenson - Cryptanalysis of Contents Scrambling System
The DVD Content Scrambling System Explained
AACS Introduction and Common Cryptographic Elements
Chen Ge Zhang Kurose Towsley - On Dynamic Subset Difference Revocation Scheme
DELL - blu-ray disc next-generation optical storage protecting content on the bd-rom
Dodis Fazio - Public Key Broadcast Encryption for Stateless Receivers
Duan Canny - How to Construct Multicast Cryptosystems Provably Secure Against Adaptive Chosen Ciphertext Attack
Fazio - On Cryptographic Techniques for Digital Rights Management
Frolova Simakov - Matching with Invariant Features
Naor Naor Lotspiech - Revocation and Tracing Schemes for Stateless Receivers
Wallace - The JPEG Still Picture Compression Standard
Арифметическое кодирование
Заметки Крикса об алгоритме декодирования JPEG
Calderbank Daubechies Sweldens Yeo - Wavelet transforms that map integers to integers
Chao - Reversible wavelet transform for image compression
Polikar - The wavelet tutorial
Sweldens - The lifting scheme a construction of second generation wavelets
Sweldens - The Lifting Scheme A New Philosophy in Biorthogonal Wavelet Constructions
Sweldens - Wavelets and the Lifting Scheme A 5 Minute Tour
Zhu Yang Tewfik Kieffer - Efficient coding of wavelet trees and its applications in image coding
Левкович-Маслюк Переберин - Курс по Вейвлет анализу
Хорун - Введение в теорию вэйвлетов
Bas Chassery Macq - Geometrically Invariant Watermarking Using Feature Points
Bender - Applications for data hiding
Bender - Techniques for Data Hiding
Boncelet - A multiresolution watermark for digital images
Bors Pitas - Image watermarking using block site selection and DCT domain constraints
Bruce - A Review of Digital Watermarking
Chae Manjunath - A Robust Embedded Data from Wavelet Coefficients
Chae Manjunath - A Technique for Image Data Hiding and Reconstruction without Host Image
Chae Manjunath - Data Hiding in Video
Chandramouli Memon - Digital Watermarking
Dugad Ratakonda - A new wavelet-based scheme for watermarking images
Ellinas - A Robust Wavelet-Based Watermarking Algorithm Using Edge Detection
Gruhl Bender - Information Hiding to Foil the Casual Counterfeiter
Herrigel Voloshynovskiy Rytsar - The Watermark Template Attack
Jin - A Robust Wavelet-based Blind Digital Watermarking Algorithm
Kim - Robustness Analysis of Patchwork Watermarking Schemes
Kundur - A robust digital image watermarking method using wavelet-based fusion
Kutter Bhattacharjee Ebrahimi - Towards second generation watermarking schemes
Meerwald - Robustness and Security of Wavelet-Based Watermarking Algorithms
Memon Wong - Protecting Digital MediaContent
Miller Cox Bloom - Watermarking in the Real World An Application to DVD
Paiz - Tartan Threads A Method for the Real-time Digital Recognition
Perrig Willmott - Digital Image Watermarking in the Real World
Qi - An Efficient Wavelet-Based Watermarking Algorithm
Swanson - Robust audio watermarking using perceptual masking
Swanson - Robust data hiding for images
Sweldens - Building Your Own Wavelets at Home
Sweldens - Wavelets and the Lifting Scheme A 5 Minute Tour
Wang - A wavelet-based watermarking algorithm for ownership verification of digital images
Wang Su Kuo - Wavelet-based digital image watermarking
Westfeld - F5-A Steganographic Algorithm High Capacity Despite Better Steganalysis
Zhu - Multiresolution Watermarking For Images And Video A Unified Approach
Лысенко - Построение цифрового водяного знака устойчивого к потери синхронизации
Adelsbach Sadeghi - Zero-Knowledge Watermark Detection and Proof of Ownership
Agrawal Haas Kiernan - Watermarking relational data framework, algorithms and analysis
Agung Sweeney - A Method for Combating Random Geometric Attack on Image Watermarking
Ahn Hopper - Public-Key Steganography
Ahsan Kundur - Practical Data Hiding in TCP IP
Anderson Kuhn - Tamper Resistance a Cautionary Note
Anderson Petitcolas - On The Limits of Steganography
Ansari Memon - The JPEG Lossless Standards
Ansari Memon - The JPEG Standard
Atallah Raskin Hempelmann Karahan Sion Topkara Triezenberg - Natural Language Watermarking and Tamperproofing
Atallah Sion Prabhakar - Watermarking non-media content
Atallah Wagstaff - Watermarking with quadratic residues
Avcibas - Image Quality Statistics and Their Use in Steganalysis and Compression
Avcibas Memon Sankur - Steganalysis Based on Image Quality Metrics
Avcibas Memon Sankur Sayood - A Progressive Lossless Near-Lossless Image Compression Algorithm
Avcibas Sankur Sayood - Statistical Evaluation of Image Quality Measures
Baharav Shaked - Watermarking of Dither Halftoned Images
Barni Bartolini Cappellini Piva - Image watermarking for secure transmission over public networks
Bas Chassery Macq - Geometrically Invariant Watermarking Using Feature Points
Bassia Pitas - Robust audio watermarking in the time domain
Bauml Eggers Huber - A Channel Model for Watermarks Subject to Desynchronization Attacks
Bauml Eggers Tzschoppe Huber - A Channel Model for Watermarks Subject to Desynchronization Attacks
Benedens - Robust Watermarking and Affine Registration of 3D Meshes
Berenstein - Random Transforms, Wavelets, and Application
Bloom Alonso - SmartSearch Steganalysis
Bloom Cox Kalker Linnartz Miller Traw - Copy Protection for DVD Video
Blundo Galdi - Steganography Using Modern Arts
Boneh Shaw - Collusion-Secure Fingerprinting for Digital Data
Bors Pitas - Embedding parametric digital signatures in images
Bors Pitas - Image watermarking using dct domain constraints
Bounkong Saad Lowe - ICA based Steganography
Bounkong Saad Lowe - Independent Component Analysis for Domain Independent Watermarking
Bounkong Saad Lowe - Quantisation Effects and Watermarking Capacity
Bounkong Toch Saad Lowe - ICA for Watermarking Digital Images
Bounkong Toch Saad Lowe - Structured Codebooks for SCSWatermarking
Brandao Queluz Rodrigues - Diversity Enhancement of Coded Spread Spectrum Video Watermarking
Brickman - Literature Survey on Audio Watermarking
Brisbane Safavi-Naini Ogunbona - An Algorithm for Data Hiding Using Median Cut Segmentation
Burges Platt Jana - Distortion Discriminant Analysis for Audio Fingerprinting
Cano Batlle Gomez Gomes Bonnet - Audio fingerprinting concepts and applications
Cano Batlle Kalker Haitsma - A Review of Algorithms for Audio Fingerprinting
Celik Sharma Saber Tekalp - A hierarchical image authenticationwatermark with improved localization and security
Celik Sharma Tekalp Saber - Lossless Generalized-LSB Data Embedding
Celik Sharma Tekalp Saber - Reversible data hiding
Chandramouli - A Mathematical Framework for Active Steganalysis
Chandramouli Memon - A Distributed Detection Framework for Steganalysis
Chandramouli Memon Rabbani - Digital Watermarking
Chang Kankanhalli Guan Huang Wu - Robust image authentication using content based compression
Chou Pradham Pradhan Ghaoui Ramchandran - Watermarking Based On Duality With Distributed Source Coding
Cohen - Information Theoretic Analysis of Watermarking Systems
Cohen Draper Martinian Wornell - Source Requantization Successive Degradation and Bit Stealing
Cohen Draper Martinian Wornell - Stealing Bits from a Quantized Source
Cohen Lapidoth - Generalized Writing on Dirty Paper
Cohen Lapidoth - On the Gaussian Watermarking Game
Cohen Lapidoth - The Capacity of the Vector Gaussian Watermarking Game
Cohen Lapidoth - The Gaussian Watermarking Game
Cohen Lapidoth - Watermarking Capacity for Gaussian Sources
Cohen Zemor - Copyright Protection for Digital Data
Cox Kilian Leighton Shamoon - A Secure, Robust Watermark for Multimedia
Cox Kilian Leighton Shamoon - Secure spread spectrum watermarking for images, audio and video
Cox Linnartz - Public watermarks and resistance to tampering
Cox Miller - A review of watermarking and the importance of perceptual modeling
Cox Miller - Electronic watermarking the first 50 years
Cox Miller - The first 50 years of electronic watermarking
Cox Miller Bloom - Watermarking applications and their properties
Cox Miller McKellips - Watermarking as communications with side information
Craver - On Public-Key Steganography in the Presence of an Active Warden
Cvejic Seppanen - Improving audio watermarking scheme using psychoacoustic watermark filtering
Dalbegue Baras Sidiropoulos - Compact Image Coding from Multiscale Edges
Das Maitra - Cryptanalysis of Optimal Differential Energy Watermarking (DEW) and a Modified Robust Scheme
Day Jou Lee - Rotation, Scaling, and Translation Resilient Image Watermarking with Side Information at Encoder
Delannay - Digital Watermarking Algorithms Robust Against Loss of Synchronization
Delannay - Integrated Fingerprinting in Secure Digital Cinema Projection
Delannay Delaigle Macq Barlaud - Compensation of Geometrical Deformations for Watermark Extraction in the Digital Cinema Application
Delannay Macq - A Method for Hiding Synchronization Marks in Scale and Rotation Resilient Watermarking Schemes
Doerr Dugelay - A guide tour of video watermarking
Doerr Dugelay - New intra-video collusion attack using mosaicing
Doerr Dugelay - Secure Background Watermarking Based on Video Mosaicing
Doerr Dugelay - Secure Video Watermarking Via Embedding Strength Modulation
Doerr Dugelay - Security Pitfalls of Frame-by-Frame Approaches to Video Watermarking
Doerr Dugelay - Switching Between Orthogonal Watermarks for Enhanced Security Against Collusion in Video
Doerr Dugelay - Video watermarking overview and challenges
Droogenbroeck Benedett - Techniques for a selective encryption of uncompressed and compressed images
Droogenbroeck Delvaux - An entropy based technique for information embedding in images
Du Zou Lu - An Optimized Spatial Data Hiding Scheme Combined with Convolutional Codes and Hilbert Scan
Dugelay Rey Doerr Csurka - Dewatermarking Based on Self-Similarities
Dumitrescu Wu Memon - On Steganalysis of Random LSB Embedding in Images
Dumitrescu Wu Wang - Detection of LSB Steganography via Sample Pair Analysis
Eggers - Digital Watermarking Theoretic Foundation and Applications
Eggers - Information Embedding and Digital Watermarking
Eggers Bauml Girod - A Communications Approach to Image Steganography
Eggers Bauml Girod - Digital Watermarking Facing Attacks by Amplitude Scaling and Additive White Noise
Eggers Bauml Girod - Estimation Of Amplitude Modifications before SCS Watermark Detection
Eggers Bauml Tzschoppe Girod - Inverse Mapping of SCS-Watermarked Data
Eggers Bauml Tzschoppe Girod - Scalar Costa Scheme for Information Embedding
Eggers Bauml Tzschoppe Huber - Applications of Information Hiding and Digital Watermarking
Eggers Girod - Blind watermarking applied to image authentication
Eggers Girod - Quantization Effects on Digital Watermarks
Eggers Girod - Quantization Watermarking
Eggers Girod - Robustness of Public Key Watermarking Schemes
Eggers Girod - Watermark Detection after Quantization Attacks
Eggers Ihlenfeldt Girod - Digital Watermarking of Chemical Structure Sets
Eggers Su - Performance of a Practical Blind Watermarking Scheme
Eggers Su Girod - A Blind Watermarking Scheme Based on Structured Codebooks
Eggers Su Girod - Asymmetric Watermarking Schemes
Eggers Su Girod - Public keywatermarking by eigenvectors of linear transforms
Eggers Su Girod - Robustness of a blind imagewatermarking scheme
Emmanuel Kankanhalli - A digital rights management scheme for broadcast video
Engan Gulsrud Josefsen - Watermarking of digital mammograms without interfering with automatic detection of microcalcifications
Eskicioglu - Quality measurement for monochrome compressed images in the past 25 years
Faridy Lyu - Higher-order Wavelet Statistics and their Application to Digital Forensics
Fei Kundur Kwong - The Choice of Watermark Domain in the Presence of Compression
Fisk Papadopoulos Neil - Eliminating Steganography in Internet Traffic with Active Wardens
Fletcher Larkin - Direct Embedding and Detection of RST Invariant Watermarks
Foote Adcock Girgensohn - Time Base Modulation A New Approach to Watermarking Audio
Fotopoulos Skodras - A subband dct approach to image watermarking
Fourier Transform in image processing
Franz - Steganography Preserving Statistical Properties
Fridrich - Key-Dependent Random Image Transforms and Their Applications in Image Watermarking
Fridrich Goljan Du - Lossless Data Embedding For All Image Formats
Fridrich Goljan Hogea - Steganalysis of JPEG Images Breaking the F5 Algorithm
Fridricha Goljanb Memonc Shended Wonge - On the security of the Yeung-Mintzer authentication watermark
Gilani Skodras - Dlt-based digital image watermarking
Gilani Skodras - Robust image watermarking by subband dlt
Girod Hartung Horn - Multiresolution coding of image and video signals
Goljan Fridrich Du - Distortion-Free Data Embedding for Images
Gomes Gomez Moreau - Resynchronization methods for audio watermarking
Gomez Cano Gomes Batlle Bonnet - Mixed Watermarking-Fingerprinting Approach for Integrity Verification of Audio Recordings
Gonzalez Hernandez - A tutorial on digital watermarking
Gordy Bruton - Performance Evaluation of Digital Audio Watermarking Algorithms
Grosbois Gerbelot Ebrahimi - Authentication and access control in the JPEG 2000 compressed domain
Guelvouit Pateux - Wide spread spectrum watermarking with side information and interference cancellation
Guelvouit Pateux Guillemot - Information-theoretic resolution of perceptual WSS watermarking of non i.i.d. Gaussian signals
Guelvouit Pateux Guillemot - Perceptual Watermarking Of Non I.i.d. Signals Based On Wide Spread Spectrum Using Side Information
Guo Georganas - Digital imagewatermarking for joint ownership verification without a trusted dealer
Guoxiang Weiwei - Image-Feature Based Second Generation Watermarking in Wavelet Domain
Hartung Eisert Girod - Digital Watermarking of 3D Head Model Animation Parameters
Hartung Eisert Girod - Digital Watermarking of MPEG-4 Facial Animation Parameters
Hartung Girod - Copyright Protection in Video Delivery Networks by Watermarking of Pre-Compressed Video
Hartung Girod - Digital watermarking of MPEG-2 coded video in the bitstream domain
Hartung Girod - Digital Watermarking of Raw and Compressed Video
Hartung Girod - Fast public-key watermarking of compressed video
Hartung Girod - Watermarking of Uncompressed and Compressed Video
Hartung Kutter - Multimedia Watermarking Techniques
Hartung Su Girod - Spread Spectrum Watermarking Malicious Attacks and Counterattacks
Holliman Memon - Counterfeiting Attacks on Oblivious Block-wise Independent Invisible Watermarking Schemes
Honsinger Rabbani - Data Embedding Using Phase Dispersion
Hopper Langford Ahn - Companion to Provably Secure Steganography
Hopper Langford Ahn - Provably Secure Steganography
Hwang Shih Kao Chang - Lossy Compression Tolerant Steganography
Jacobsen Solanki Madhow Manjunath Chandrasekaran - Image adaptive high volume data hiding based on scalar quantization
Johnson - An Introduction to Watermark Recovery from Images
Jung Seok Hong - An Improved Detection Technique for Spread Spectrum Audio Watermarking with a Spectral Envelope Filter
Kailasanathan Naini Ogunbona - Compression Performance of JPEG Encryption Scheme
Kailasanathan Naini Ogunbona - Compression Tolerant DCT Based Image Hash
Kailasanathan Safavi-Naini Ogunbona - Fragile Watermark on Critical Points
Kailasanathan Safavi-Naini Ogunbona - Image Authentication Surviving Acceptable Modifications
Kankanhalli Hau - Watermarking of Electronic Text Documents
Karakos - Digital Watermarking, Fingerprinting and Compression An Information-Theoretic Perspective
Karakos Papamarcou - A Relationship Between Quantization and Watermarking Rates in the Presence of Gaussian Attacks
Karakos Papamarcou - Fingerprinting, Watermarking and Quantization of Gaussian Data
Karakos Papamarcou - Relationship between Quantization and Distribution Rates of Digitally Watermarked Data
Karakos Trahanias - Generalized Multichannel Image-Filtering Structures
Karasaridis Simoncelli - A filter design technique for steerable pyramid image transforms
Kesal Mihcak Koetter Moulin - Iteratively decodable codes for watermarking applications
Kim - Audio Watermarking Techniques
Kim Baek Lee Suh - Robust Image Watermark Using Radon Transform and Bispectrum Invariants
Kim Perrig Tsudik - Simple and Fault-Tolerant Key Agreement for Dynamic Collaborative Groups
Kirovski Attias - Audio Watermark Robustness to Desynchronization via Beat Detection
Kirovski Drinic Potkonjak - Hypermedia-Aided Design
Kokes Gibson Orsak Stolpman - The method of types and lossy data-embedding
Korjik Morales-Luna - Information Hiding through Noisy Channels
Kugarajah Zhang - Multi-Dimensional Wavelet Frames
Kundur - Implications for High Capacity Data Hiding in the Presence of Lossy Compression
Kundur Hatzinakos - Mismatching Perceptual Models for Effective Watermarking in the Presence of Compression
Kutter Petitcolas - Fair Evaluation Methods for Image Watermarking Systems
Lai Kuo - Image quality measurement using the Haar wavelet
Lai Kuo Li - New Image Compression Artifact Measure Using Wavelets
Lambrecht Farrell - Perceptual Quality Metric for Digitally Coded Color Images
Le Desmedt - Cryptanalysis of UCLA Watermarking Schemes for Intellectual Property Protection
Le Nguyen - Digital Image Watermarking with Geometric Distortion Corrections Using the Moment Image Theory
Lee - An Adaptive Digital Image Watermarking Technique for Copyright Protection
Lee Chen - Object-based image steganography using affine transformation
Lee Chen - Secure error-free steganography for jpeg images
Levy Merhav - An Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Information Theoretic Principles
Levy Shaked - A Transform Domain Hardcopy Watermarking Scheme
Li Chang - Security of Public Watermarking Schemes for Binary Sequences
Loo - Digital Watermarking using Complex Wavelets
Loo Kingsbury - Digital watermarking with complex wavelets
Lu Huang Sze Liao - A New Watermarking Technique for Multimedia Protection
Lu Liao - Oblivious cocktail watermarking by sparse code shrinkage a regional- and global-based scheme
Lu Liao - Oblivious watermarking using generalized gaussian
Lyu Farid - Detecting Hidden Messages Using Higher-Order Statistics and Support Vector Machines
McGuire - An image registration technique for recovering rotation, scale and translation parameters
Meerwald - Quantization watermarking in the JPEG2000 coding pipeline
Meerwald Uhl - Watermark security viawavelet filter parametrization
Mehrabi - Digital Watermark
Mei Wong Memon - Data Hiding in Binary Text Documents
Memon Neuhoff Shende - Optimizing prediction gain in axial symmetric scans
Memon Sayood - Facsimile
Merhav - On Random Coding Error Exponents of Watermarking Codes
Miller Cox Bloom - Informed embedding exploiting image and detector information during watermark insertion
Miller Cox Linnartz - A review of watermarking principles and practices
Miller Doerr Cox - Applying Informed Coding and Embedding to Design a Robust, High Capacity Watermark
Miller Doerr Cox - Dirty-paper trellis codes forwatermarking
Miller Doerr Cox - Informed Embedding for Multi-bit Watermarks
Miller Rodriguez Cox - Audio Fingerprinting Nearest Neighbor Search in High Dimensional Binary Spaces
Mintzer Braudaway Bell - Opportunities for Watermarking Standards
Moulin - The role of information theory in watermarking and its application to image watermarking
Moulin Koetter - Data-Hiding Codes
Muntean Grivel Nafornita Najim - Audio digital watermarking for copyright protection
Muntean Grivel Najim - Watermark space partition for digital audio blind watermarking
Nagai Ikehara Kaneko Kurematsu - Generalized Unequal Length Lapped Orthogonal Transform for Subband Image Coding
Nakai - Semi Fragile Watermarking Based on Wavelet Transform
Nakamura Tachibana Kobayashi - Automatic music monitoring and boundary detection for broadcast using audio watermarking
Natarajan - Robust Public Key Watermarking of Digital Images
Newman Moskowitz Chang Brahmadesam - A Steganographic Embedding Undetectable by JPEG Compatibility Steganalysis
Nikolaidis Pitas - Copyright protection of images using robust digital signatures
Nikolaidis Pitas - Facial feature extraction and pose determination
Noda Spaulding Shirazi Niimi Kawaguchi - Bit-Plane Decomposition Steganography Combined with JPEG2000 Compression
Oh Seok Hong Youn - New Echo Embedding Technique for Robust and Imperceptible Audio Watermarking
Ohbuchi Mukaiyama Takahashi - A Frequency-Domain Approach to Watermarking 3D Shapes
Osberger Bergmann Maeder - An automatic image quality assessment technique incorporatinghigher level perceptual factors
Osberger Maeder Bergmann - A Technique For Image Quality Assessment Based On A Human Visual System Model
Osberger Maeder McLean - A Computational Model of the Human Visual System for Image Quality Assessment
Ozer Ramkumar Akansu - A New Method for Detection of Watermarks in Geometrically Distorted Images
Pan Wu - A Novel Data Hiding Method for Two-Color Images
Park Kim Kang Han - Digital Geographical Map Watermarking Using Polyline Interpolation
Pereira - Robust Digital Image Watermarking
Pereira Pun - A Framework for Optimal Adaptive DCT Watermarks
Pereira Voloshynoskiy Pun - Optimal Transform Domain Watermark Embedding Via Linear Programming
Pereira Voloshynovskiy Madueno Marchand-Maillet Pun - Second generation benchmarking and application oriented evaluation
Perez-Gonzalez Balado - Multidimensional Distortion-Compensated Dither Modulation
Perrig Canetti Song Tygar - Efficient and Secure Source Authentication for Multicast
Perrig Canetti Tygar Song - Efficient Authentication and Signing of Multicast Streams over Lossy Channels
Perrig Song Tygar - ELK a New Protocol for Efficient Large-Group Key Distribution
Petitcolas Anderson - Evaluation of copyright marking systems
Petrovic Winograd Jemili Metois - Data hiding within audio signals
Picard - Probabilistic Argumentation Systems Applied to Information Retrieval
Picard Robert - Neural Networks Functions for Public Key Watermarking
Picard Robert - On the public key watermarking issue
Pitas - A Method For Signature Casting On Digital Images
Pitas Kaskalis - Applying Signatures on Digital Images
Podilchuk Delp - Digital Watermarking Algorithms and Applications
Provos - Defending Against Statistical Steganalysis
Radhakrishnan Memon - Audio Content Authentication Based on Psycho-Acoustic Model
Radhakrishnan Memon - On the security of the sari image authentication system
Rajaratnam Memon - Analysis of lsb based image steganography techniques
Rey Doerr Csurka Dugelay - Toward generic image dewatermarking
Reyzin Russell - More Efficient Provably Secure Steganography
Richter Leier Banzhaf Rauhe - Private and Public Key DNA steganography
Roche Dugelay Molva - Multi-resolution access control algorithm based on fractal coding
Sequeira Kundur - Communication and Information Theory in Watermarking A Survey
Setyawan - Attacks on Watermarking Systems
Setyawan Lagendijk - Extended Differential Energy Watermarking XDEW algorithm for low bit-rate video watermarking
Shaked Baharav - Watermark Rate and the Distortion of Error Diffused Halftones
Shaked Levy Baharav Yen - A Visually Significant Two Dimensional Barcode
Shanmugasundaram Memon - Automatic Reassembly of Document Fragments via Data Compression
Sharp - An Implementation of Key-Based Digital Signal Steganography
Shimanovsky Feng Potkonjak - Hiding Data in DNA
Shimizu - Performance Analysis of Data Hiding
Silvestre Hurley Furon - Robustness and Efficiency of Non-linear Side-Informed Watermarking
Simoncelli Freeman - The steerable pyramid a flexible architecture for multi-scale derivative computation
Simoncelli Freeman Adelson Heeger - Shiftable Multi-scale Transforms
Sion - Power A Metric for Evaluating Watermarking Algorithms
Sion - Watermarking Multi-Content Aggregates
Sion - Watermarking non-media content
Sion Atallah - Attacking Digital Watermarks
Sion Atallah Prabhakar - Key Commitment in Multimedia Watermarking
Sion Atallah Prabhakar - On Watermarking Numeric Sets
Sion Atallah Prabhakar - On Watermarking Semi-Structures
Sion Atallah Prabhakar - Rights Protection for Relational Data
Sion Atallah Prabhakar - Watermarking Relational Databases
Sojka - A New Algorithm for Direct Corner Detection in Digital Images
Solachidis Nikolaidis Pitas - Fourier descriptors watermarking of vector graphics images
Solachidis Nikolaidis Pitas - Watermarking polygonal lines using fourier descriptors
Solachidis Pitas - Circularly symmetric watermark embedding in 2-D DFT domain
Solachidis Pitas - Self-similar ring shaped watermark embedding in 2-D DFT domain
Solanki Jacobsen Chandrasekaran Madhow Manjunath - High-volume data hiding in images introducing perceptual criteria into quantization based embedding
Stern Tillich - Automatic Detection of a Watermarked Document Using a Private Key
Stone Tao McGuire - Analysis of image registration noise due to rotationally dependent aliasing
Su - Data Embedding and Digital Watermarking
Su Eggers Girod - Analysis of digital watermarks subjected to optimum linear filtering and additive noise
Su Eggers Girod - Capacity of digital watermarks subjected to an optimal collusion attack
Su Eggers Girod - Illustration of the Duality Between Channel Coding and Rate Distortion with Side Information
Su Eggers Girod - Optimum Attack on DigitalWatermarks and its Defense
Su Hartung Girod - A Channel Model for a Watermark Attack
Su Wang Kuo - An Integrated Approach to Image Watermarking and JPEG-2000 Compression
Suel Memon - Algorithms for Delta Compression and Remote File Synchronization
Sugihara - Practical Capacity of DigitalWatermarks
Sun Cui Wang - Research on Technology of Chaos Secrecy Communications in Digital Watermarking
Swanson Zhu Tewfik - Multiresolution Scene-Based Video Watermarking Using Perceptual Models
Tachibana - Audio Watermarking for Live Performance
Tachibana - Improving Audio Watermark Robustness Using Stretched Patterns against Geometric Distortion
Tang - Audio Watermarking An Overview
Tefas Nikolaidis Solachidis Tsekeridou Pitas - Performance analysis ofwatermarking schemes based on skew tent chaotic sequences
Tefas Pitas - Image authentication and tamper proofing using mathematical morphology
Tefas Pitas - Image authentication using chaoticmixing systems
Tefas Pitas - Multi-bit imagewatermarking robust to geometric distortions
Thilak Nosratinia - Signal Design for Robust Watermarking on ISI Channels
Toch Lowe Saad - Watermarking of audio signals using Independent Component Analysis
Trahanias Karakos Venetsanopoulos - Directional processing of color images theory and experimental results
Trappe Wu Liu - Anti-Collusion Fingerprinting for Multimedia
Trivedi Chandramouli - Active Steganalysis of Sequential Steganography
Tsekeridou - Theoretic performance analysis of a watermarking system
Tsekeridou Nikolaidis Sidiropoulos Pitas - Copyright protection of still images using self-similar chaotic watermarks
Tsekeridou Pitas - Wavelet-based self-similarwatermarking for still images
Tsekeridou Solachidis Nikolaidis Tefas Pitas - Bernoulli shift generated chaotic watermarks theoretic investigation
Tsekeridou Solachidis Nikolaidis Tefas Pitas - Theoretic investigation of the use of watermark signals derived from bernoulli chaotic sequences
Uludag - Visual Data Watermarking Based on Sinusoidal Signal Embedding
Uludag Arslan - Audio watermarking using dc level shifting
Venkatesan Kesal - Cryptanalysis of Discrete-Sequence Spread Spectrum Watermarks
Venkatesan Koon Jakubowski Moulin - Robust image hashing
Voloshynovskiy Deguillaume Pun - Content Adaptive Watermarking Based On A Stochastic Multiresolution Image Modeling
Voloshynovskiy Herrigel Baumgaertner Pun - A Stochastic Approach to Content Adaptive Digital Image Watermarking
Voloshynovskiy Herrigel Pun - Blur-Deblur Attack against Document Protection Systems Based on Digital Watermarking
Voloshynovskiy Pereira Pun Eggers Su - Attacks on Digital Watermarks Classification, Estimation-based Attacks and Benchmarks
Voyatzis Nikolaidis Pitas - Copyright protection of multimedia documents from theory to application
Voyatzis Nikolaidis Pitas - Digital watermarking an overview
Voyatzis Pitas - Application of toral automorphisms in image watermarking
Voyatzis Pitas - Chaotic mixing of digital images and applications to watermarking
Voyatzis Pitas - Chaotic Watermarks for Embedding in the Spatial Digital Image Domain
Voyatzis Pitas - Digital Image Watermarking using Mixing Systems
Voyatzis Pitas - Embedding Robust Watermarks by Chaotic Mixing
Wang Shamma - Zero-crossings and noise supression in auditory wavelet transformations
Wang Su Kuo - Wavelet-based digital image watermarking
Wang Wiederhold - WaveMark Digital Image Watermarking Using Daubechies Wavelets and Error Correcting Coding
Wang Yang - Watermark Embedding Mechanism Using Modulus-based for Intellectual Property Protection on Image Data
Watson - The Cortex Transform Rapid Computation of Simulated Neural Images
Westfeld - Detecting Low Embedding Rates
Westfeld - F5 A Steganographic Algorithm High Capacity Despite Better Steganalysis
Wu Kuo - Fragile speech watermarking based on exponential scale quantization for tamper detection
Wu Kuo - Fragile speech watermarking for content integrity verification
Wu Kuo - Speech content authentication integrated with celp speech coders
Wu Su Kuo - Robust and efficient digital audio watermarking using audio content analysis
Yang Liao Hsieh - Watermarking MPEG-4 2D Mesh Animation in Multiresolution Analysis
Yongliang Gao Yao Song - Secure Watermark Verification Scheme
Zane - Efficient Watermark Detection and Collusion Security
Zhang Ping - A Fast and Effective Steganalytic Technique against JSteg-like Algorithms
Zhang Xiong Wang - Hiding a Logo Watermark in an Image for Its Copyright Protection
Zhuang Baras - Existence and Construction of Optimal Wavelet Basis for Signal Representation
Zhuang Baras - Optimal Wavelet Basis Selection for Signal Representation


Cichocki Amar - Introduction to Blind Signal Processing Problems and Applications
Cichocki Amari - Adaptive Blind Signal And Image Processing
Cole - Hiding in Plain Sight Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication
Cox Miller Bloom Fridrich Kalker - Digital Watermarking and Steganography
Erhardt Ferron - Theory and Applications of Digital Image Processing
Farid - Fundamentals of Image Processing
Hayes - Digital Signal Processing
Image Processing Toolbox For Use with MATLAB User's Guide
Ingle Proakis - Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab V4
Jahne - Digital Image Processing
Menezes - Handbook of applied cryptography
Mertins - Signal Analysis Wavelets, Filter Banks, Time-Frequency Transforms and Applications
Pratt - Digital image processing
Rabiner Schafer - Digital Processing Of Speech Signals
Ritter Wilson - Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra
Rowe - Multivariable Bayesian statistics Models for source separation and signal unmixing
Russ - Image processing handbook
Sangwine Horn - Colour Image Processing Handboook
Stark - Wavelets and Digital Image Processing
Айфичер Джервис - Цифровая обработка сигналов
Анисимов Курганов Злобин - Распознавание и цифровая обработка изображений
Астафьева - Вейвлет-анализ основы теории и примеры применения
Баричев Серов - Основы современной криптографии
Бердышев Петрак - Аппроксимация функций Сжатие численной информации
Брассар - Современная криптология
Брейсуэлл - Преобразование Хартли
Брюс Шнайер - Прикладная криптография
Гонсалес Вудс - Цифровая обработка изображения
Гонсалес Вудс Эддинс - Цифровая обработка изображений в среде MATLAB
Грузман Киричук Косых Перетягин Спектор - Цифровая обработка изображений в информационных системах
Добеши - Десять лекций о вейвлетах
Зубов - Совершенные шифры
Миано - Форматы и алгоритмы сжатия изображений в действии
Новиков - Основы вейвлет анализа сигналов
Прэтт - Цифровая обработка изображений
Рябко Фионов - Основы современной криптографии
Скворцов - Триангуляция Делоне и её применение
Уэлстид - Фракталы и вейвлеты для сжатия изображений в действии
Цифровая стеганография
Чуи - введение в вейвлеты
Яне - Цифровая обработка изображений
Ярославский - Введение в цифровую обработку изображений
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